Frequently Asked Questions

What is NickelWorld?

NickelWorld is a Family Entertainment Center. A $2.25 admission fee is applicable to anyone who walks onto the game room floor. Games are 5 cents + or FREE.

Why do you charge admission?

The admission fee offsets the Nickel per play & the FREE play games.

Who pays admission?

Anyone who walks out onto the game room floor.

What sets NickelWorld “apart” from other video arcades?

NickelWorld’s concept is to allow customers more entertainment for their dollar. At NickelWorld, $5.00 would pay your admission fee ($2.25), and allow 55 plays plus an unlimited number of plays on our FREE games. In other arcades, 25 cents = 1 token. With the same $5.00 you would only receive 20 or less plays.

What credit cards do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards.

Get a T-shirt!

We’re selling t-shirts designed by local artist Joe Tallman. We’re selling out fast, so contact us with your size request or stop by and pick one up soon!

A Notice About Daily Specials

Daily specials are temporarily not in effect due to limited capacity for COVID-19 safety.

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3321 N. Main St.
Rockford, Il 61103

Near corner of Halsted & N. Main St