Welcome to NickelWorld!

A Family Amusement Center that offers over 100 games for the whole family to play that are either FREE or 1+ nickel per play.

Featuring 20+ Video games and over 60+ Redemption games (games that dispense tickets which can be redeemed for GREAT prizes!)

There is a $2.25 admission fee that is applicable to anyone who walks out on the game room floor. (An area is provided for waiting parents). A discount is given to those in groups of 3 or more at $2.00 each. (savings = .75 cents+)

Many of our FREE PLAY games consist of classic names such as Pacman, Centipede, Donkey Kong, Gyrus, Joust, Moon Patrol, Frogger and Galaga and many more!

No one admitted after 7:00pm
Tickets redeemed by 7:30pm

Did you know?

Lonnie McDonald is on a quest to rollover every public accessible Joust. We fell into his plans. He arrived at NickelWorld on June 22, 2012 with a padded stool & snacks in hand. After 6 hours of continuous play, he achieved the goal of rolling over our Joust. 9,999,999. Thanks for visiting us Lonnie!

Gregg & Mike are on a quest to build their own Classic Arcade. We hope we inspired them by our Classic Game Wall here at NickelWorld. They used NickelWorld as a backdrop in their video and we were glad to assist them. Most all of our Classic games are the original dedicated machines. They have been in a lot of arcades throughout their lifetime (30+ years). Ours are not in as good of a condition as Gregg & Mike would like BUT they still bring back that nostalgia we (as parents) love! Thanks Gregg & Mike for visiting us!

Get a T-shirt!

We’re selling t-shirts designed by local artist Joe Tallman. We’re selling out fast, so contact us with your size request or stop by and pick one up soon!

A Notice About Daily Specials

Daily specials are temporarily not in effect due to limited capacity for COVID-19 safety.

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3321 N. Main St.
Rockford, Il 61103

Near corner of Halsted & N. Main St